Fifth Planet Productions CIC is a small-ish media production company currently residing in Yorkshire, England. ‘Small-ish’ because, really, there are only 3 permanent team members; and ‘Yorkshire’ because… where else? We met some-point during our first year of Uni, probably something to do with the fact none of us cannot remember the encounter. It’s fair to say we likely bonded over a passion for wine, loud music and 90s cartoons. Since starting out in 2013, we’ve collaborated with countless talented artists, winning awards and working on over 100 creative video projects and campaigns for clients across the continent. From motion graphics explainer animations to corporate promotional videos, we have found, together, we can turn our hands to anything demanding our creative noodles. The ‘CIC’ bit just means we’re a ‘community interest company’, and a bonafide social enterprise so we reinvest all of our profits back into supporting students and graduates, charities and other important social causes. This aspect is so important to all of us and is one of the main reasons we operate.


The Team


Nic Flatt

Managing Director & Senior Business Analyst

Our resident Jack of all trades: after discovering a love for film, music and all things creative at a young age, Nic made it his lifelong ambition to pave a career which would enable him to spend time doing the things he loves best. He is an agile evangelist and takes the lead on Fifth Planet’s animation projects. Often, Nic can be found feeding his unhealthy obsession for Orange Lucozade.


Stacey Powers

Creative Director & Head of Photography

Entering the world of video production from a classical music background (as you do), Stacey is the token northerner on the team and looks after anything related to cameras and the stuff captured by them. She realised she had an eye (not just an ear) for detail in her teens, experimenting with portrait photography. You’ll normally find Stacey by following a trail of stray blond curly hairs.


Sam Craggs

Audio Director

If it’s got a waveform Sam probably knows about it. This guy is a walking encyclopaedia, knowing just about everything there is to know about audio production. He is just as comfortable producing bespoke soundtracks for our clients as he is performing in front of large crowds. Sam also owns a recording studio in Sheffield and spends far too much money on vintage musical instruments.