Illegal Highs – Forward Leeds



Ink // Fifth Planet
Sound Design

We were approached by Forward Leeds to produce a short animation outlining the dangers of Illegal Highs. This was our second collaboration with Ink, and we also worked with Ritchie Clark on voiceover and Charlie Kellie on sound design. Seeing all the elements from everyone come together was great and we’re really pleased with the outcome. This campaign is getting a lot of media attention, and we’re glad that our video can help raise awareness on such an important matter.

Illegal highs are drugs that cause psychoactive effects that contain various chemical ingredients. They produce similar effects to other illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy, but they can also be much stronger. Their ever-changing chemical compounds have meant they have not been included in the Misuse of Drugs Act. However the new Psychoactive Substances Act, which comes into effect on 26th May 2016 will make the manufacturing, supplying, possessing with intent to supply, possession in prisons or importing/exporting, including buying online, of these substances illegal. Any of these could land you up to 7 years in prison and unlimited fines.


February 23, 2016